Your favourite books and current readings?

Just finished:

  • The Mind and its Education
    By George Herbert Betta
  • Research of Martial Arts
    By Jonathan Bluestein

Currently reading:

  • How not to die
    By Michael Greger

Currently reading
Resilience by Eric Greitens

“Life’s reality is that we cannot bounce back. We cannot bounce back because we cannot go back in time to the people we used to be. The parent who loses a child never bounces back. The nineteen-year-old marine who sails for war is gone forever, even if he returns. ‘What’s done cannot be undone,’ and some of what life does to us is harsh.”(p. 72)

Some of my favourite books:

Born to run, Christopher McDougall
Natural born heroes, Christopher McDougall
The story of the human body, Daniel Lieberman
How not to die, Michael Greger
The world’s fittest book, Ross Edgley
Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

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Also from Resilience.

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I recently read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking” because, even though I quitted more than a year ago, I still felt addicted and had a really hard time not smoking.

The title of the book may seem a little utopian, but it actually works fantasticly. While most methods to stop smoking focusses on the health, financial, and other disadvantages of it, Allen Carr focuses on explaining how the whole mechanism in your head actually works. In fact, if stories about cancer and cardiovascular diseases actually would have worked, nobody would have smoked anymore, right?

However, if you are a smoker, or an ex-smoker who still desires to smoke, I strongly reccomend you to read this book and you’ll find out for yourself how effective it is.

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It’s not the facts that drive us, but the stories (human = storytelling animal, our brain is built like this for 5000+ years, not like a computer with bits and bytes).

Story --> inspiration --> emotions --> action (from the stance of a fact or story driven approach to changing or influencing behaviour). For this reason a documentary like the game changers is inspiring and drives people to action, because it tells stories of humans like you and me which overcame a struggle and thrived to new levels. The reason why stories give impact also has to do with the fact that they take away possible fears you might have of encountering a struggle, since you then know it’s possible to overcome it. This is also the secret weapon of marketing agencies which try to influence your behaviour in buying their products by telling you are story with which you can relate. So knowing the trick and turning it upside down and applying it to yourself by thinking in and feeding yourself stories in the direction you want to grow enables you to drive actions more easily since they come from emotion. (There is also another way, but it’s not suitable here. It involves taking control of the emotions through being aware of physical holding patterns, and seeing whether the fear that drove the holding pattern was a grounded emotion or not. Which is an extension of stoicism)

Large explanation on a small section of what you shared though, but had the need to type it out.

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