Welcom to the Flying Dojo [README]


Welcome to the core of the Flying Dojo community, where we together build better businesses.

Get ready to be swung outside of your comfortable environment straight into making your first sale or improving your product in ways untouched.

Core Principles

The Dojo is based on a couple of core principles originated from martial arts culture. These principles enable us to work efficiently as a group and create maximum effectiveness for the individual. Only by contributing to the whole as if it was theirs, one will experience the true effectiveness raining up on their own project.

As a wise man ones said:
“The following is my own professed oath: I will never fall behind others in pursuing the Way of the warrior. I will always be ready to serve my lord. I will honor my parents. I will serve compassionately for the benefit of others. By chanting these four oaths (shiseigan) every morning and night to the deities and to Buddha, you will become imbued with double your strength, and will never lag behind.”

Leveling system

The path layout is based on a progression system originally being put to practice with belts. However since we are working in a digital dojo here, the colours visible corresponding to the categories are a reference to the belts used. Higher belts will be able to see the content of lower belts. This allows them to give feedback according to their own experience in the Dojo and get more experience in evaluating different business cases themself.

The Accelerator (White):

The Loop (Blue):

The Shepherd (Purple):

The Breeder (Brown):

The community


The History behind the Dojo

The core drive for its establishment

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