Token Economics & Means of Payment


Token Economics

The Flying Dojo has extensive token economics. We believe that work needs to be rewarded To enable an honest and fast economic system the DO token was introduced. DO is fully in your hands, meaning you can transact it to whoever you want for whatever reason, think of it as cash. Every Flying Dojo member will have its own DO wallet, which is available as a mobile or PC wallet.

The awesomeness lies into that DO is not bonded to the Flying Dojo platform, meaning you are in absolute control. This allows you to eventually set your own rates in DO, charge other users for services/products in DO or tip/pay other users for whatever reason you feel to.

DO is a token issued on the Syscoin Platform which means every DO transactions takes a tiny amount of SYS. SYS will be provided when acquiring DO). (Keep your password tight, there is no way to recover it. Always make sure to backup the wallet on a usb stick in the case your computer/or mobile gets lost or broken.)

Some general notes:

  • 1 DO = 1 Euro is the rate used by the Flying Dojo (DO is either earned, bought at the Flying Dojo or bought from another user. Flying Dojo does no cash or fiat payouts or returns of DO bought.)
  • You can earn interest each month on your DO by locking them in your wallet (using it in the meantime will result in no interest paid). Interest is roughly 4% per month.
  • Do tokens are transferable between users and may be exchanged for any service or value.
  • Some rewards set by the Flying Dojo: Flying Dojo Bounties
  • Set your payment address in ‘‘about me’’ in your profile settings, so other users and admins can easily tip/pay you for bounties and services.
  • Wallet software for PC:
  • Wallet software for mobile: (coming soon)

Acquiring DO tokens

Underneath are various ways to acquire DO tokens. Just send the amount of Euro, cryptocurrency or cash which you want to convert to DO and add the your (recipient) address in the comments of the payment. As soon as we are notified of the payment, the tokens will be sent to your wallet.

Please send a DM to @Cees with the amount and means of payment used. This way you are guaranteed of the fastest service.

Account number: NL81 INGB 0748 2080 62
Account name: C de Kort

Payment link:

Cryptocurrency (price of the currency will be checked at receivement of payment)
Bitcoin: 1NCm8NdUZNTrHuAhiU6WCviyqtjszd83g1
Ethereum: 0x4290CD53181D9ED40823c6C2bE6eC4Fc8B0D388C
Syscoin: SWEmBdgNcfeCtDUWSvNvE4SAtK8DfW87gi

We surely take cash any day! Arrange cash payments with @Cees.



DO payments to Flying Dojo

Address: SWEmBdgNcfeCtDUWSvNvE4SAtK8DfW87gi

Make sure to state the product/service being bough in the comment section of the payment.

Services offered from the Flying Dojo itself:

Courses and Memberships

  • Monthly membership fee = 60 DO (when not in a course, after having at least completed the accelerator)
  • Accelerator (white belt) course = 200 DO
  • Looper (blue belt) course = 300 DO (must have completed the Accelerator course)
  • Shepherd course (purple belt) = 400 DO (must have completed the Looper course)
  • Breeder course (brown belt) = 500 DO (must have completed the Shepherd course)


  • Private tutoring by a Flying Dojo instructor (coaching/design/optimisation), 1 hour = 25 DO
  • Flying Dojo T-shirt = 25 DO

See for the complete product and service catalog.