Strava as a motivator

For those of you who might not have heard about it, I wanted to talk about the application Strava (not for advertising, but just to help you find more motivation to train your cardiovascular system).

Strava is an application for running and cycling with a social media like-layout. Taking your phone, smartwatch or heart rate sensor with you on your run or bike ride, when you get back home you can analyse all kind of statistics that Strava gives you. The part that, in my opinion, makes this app stand out and be even more motivational is the fact that you can also see all the statistics of your friends their workout. Personally, when I see some friend went running and did well, I automatically want to beat him or do something similar!

Like I wrote in an earlier topic, cardiovascular workout should be fun in order to be able to keep doing it over a longer period of time. Strava got me to be a little more competetive when I go out running, and thus helps me to enjoy myself more and sticking to it. Try it yourself!

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You got a Strava profile link, if so we can connect!

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This is my profile. I haven’t been so active on Strava recently because the football season has started in september and so I don’t get out running as much.