Lifestyle Experiment: Can sleeping on the floor improve our posture?

After some research I’ve found this lifestyle experiment. let me know what you guys think about it!


I actually did this for a while and still do it sometimes. The reason for me to still do it from time to time is that it “wakes me up” from my standard behavioural patterns and gives me a sense of awakeness afterwards. I also read that it enables your breath to massage the muscles, tendons and tissues since you’re not expanding outwardly (due to a soft mattress), but rather lifting yourself. This creates tension and a natural massage. I do recommend to sleep on your side if you decide to actively engage in it. Sleeping on your back creates tons of tension in the lower front end of the lower back.

I can really appreciate the writers “experiment with myself” approach. This is the go-to style of learning and adaptation, since it’s fed by curiosity. This keeps the mind fresh from patterns and also provides you with tons of fun new experiences.

Let me know how it went and whether it brought you any insights? Great article and topic for discussion!

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I’am really curious what and where it can bring me, so I decide to try it out for a month also.

I’ll make sure you guys can follow my experience on this topic. :pray:t3:


A little bit off-topic, but this was actually part of a year a long of experiments where I tried out something new, alien or scary each month (some daily). Some stuck, some didn’t. Can definitely recommend such an initiative (maybe we can set one up in the goalify group)! :wink:

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I think that would definitely be a good plan, because in the essence we’re creating a “framework” for the person we want to be. And this kind of experience would be a great foundation.

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Interesting topic. However, I think you should bear in mind that at first sight it seems more natural, but our daily environments have changed. In fact, looking at it with an evolutionary eye, you’d think the first humans slept on the ground (which very probably is the case), but they didn’t have modern houses and the surface they slept on definitely wasn’t as hard as the floors in our houses are. Maybe there is some intermediate way. I underline that these are just my personal thoughts based on what I read about the human evolution.

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Maybe test it out tonight and report back? :wink::grin:

First night seems to be a nightmare :joy::pray:t3:

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Anyone slept on the floor already?

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Happy to hear the results!