Some time ago I decided to download the application called Freeletics out of curiosity and in the hope to find a, for me, satisfying training programme that at the same time keeps me having fun. I payed 35 euros for 3 months because I just wanted to try it out before buying it for a longer period of time (80 euro a year I believe), but I will definitely in the future.

Freeletics is like a personal trainer, to whom you can give feedback, and it adapts your training to it. You can choose to include running or weights, but you can also work just with bodyweight (as I do, since weights often bore me, and I already did quite some cardio besides the gym). It makes you select a programme from an infinite number that each usually take 8 to 12 weeks (examples are: explosive power, hybrid training, burn calories, freeletics hardcore etc etc) based also on other personal preferences like number of days you want to train a week.

Besides this personal trainer system that adapts your training to your feedback, there are also plenty of single training circuits you can use, it has a social media-like feed, it remembers your personal records and a lot more.

The only downside I yet found about freeletics is that you cannot “say” to it that you also do some other sort of exercise besides of freeletics, and thus the “personal trainer” won’t consider that aspect. As a whole, however, I would definitely recommend Freeletics to other people.

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