Flying Dojo Bounties




Platform rewards:

  • First one to provide proper feedback or help to a question receives 1 DO from the Dojo (you have to be faster than the moderator)
  • Per 20 likes received, 1 DO
  • Referral reward for bringing in a new member = 20 DO

Social media rewards:

  • Flying Dojo mention in social media post = 1 DO (send link in direct message to admin)
  • Flying Dojo mention in video = 3 DO (send link in direct message to admin)

Special rewards:

  • Joining a Flying Dojo event marked with ‘’*’’ on the calendar = 3 DO
  • Hosting a Flying Dojo event (outside of the manditory ones) with more than 4 attendees = 40 DO

Upon completing a bounty send the link where we can find the completion in a private message to @Cees.

Token Economics & Means of Payment