Favourite ''workout'' session(s)?

Let’s share our favourite workout/movement/training.

Some general notions:

  • It’s allowed to post your favourite workout video’s.
  • Single workouts, as well as multiple week spanning progression outlines are allowed.

Please post (copy --> paste) according to the following format:

Goal: (general purpose of the session. Why would I want to execute it, what is it aimed at?)

Estimated duration: (the time you roughly take to complete it.)

The workout: (add as much detail and guidance in the sense of meters, reps, breaths, seconds as possible.)

2 day program for functional power

This program focusses on developing your power. First of all you should know what is power: power is force × speed. The combination of force and speed together can make you powerful. In fact, pure force isn’t very functional if the time the reach your peak of force takes very long; reaching this very fast is little functional if the force is little. We could see our power as our exploviness.

This program is suddivided into two days, to repeat for about 8 times. It would be best to do this routine two times a week and so finish in about 4 weeks.

Be sure to always do a decent warming-up!

Day 1: upper body
Med ball slams (10x3, 30 seconds of rest)
Plyo push-ups (6x6, 30 seconds of rest)
One-leg deadlift (4x6, 60 seconds of rest)
Superset: bench press & bent over-row (3x12, 90 seconds of rest)
Pull-ups (2x12 and third one until failure, 120 seconds of rest)
Rope/dumbbell battle-slams (10x10 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in between)

Day 2: lower body
Depth jump (10x3, 30 seconds of rest)
Power shrugs (6x6, 30 seconds of rest)
Reverse lunges (4x6 a leg, 60 seconds of rest)
Superset: squats & hip thrust (3x12, 90 seconds of rest)
Calf raises (4x20 and third one until failure, 60 seconds of rest)
Sprints (10x5 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in between)

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Keep them coming! Seems like a pretty powerful workout indeed!

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Primal movement workout for mobility and control

Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

  • General warm up

  • Elastic exercises

  • Hinge to seiza sit (flowing motion)

  • Duck Walk 10 meter back & forward

  • Cartwheel 2x 10 times each side

  • Crab Walk

  • Crouching Tiger

  • Ostrich walk


3 day fitness routine for beginners

This program is ideal for people who want to start exercising themselves and haven’t got a lot of experience yet (I actually made it for my girlfriend :rofl:). It’s divided into three days after which you will have trained your whole body. The program does not focus specifically on force, speed, mass or whatsoever: it is somewhat in between all of them. I believe that for people who just start training it’s the best to focus on your whole fitness (set more specific goals for yourself ONLY when you feel you’ve reached a certain level of fitness). Do this routine for about six weeks, note how you did every week and see the results in the end!

Day 1: lower body

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Week 1 2 3 4 5 6
Squat 5 3 120
Lunges 8 3 90
Hip Thrust 12 3 60
Calf Raise 20 3 60
Wall Sit 30 seconds (last one ‘til failure) 4 60

Day 2: push

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Week 1 2 3 4 5 6
Push-up 5 3 120
Shoulder Press 8 3 90
Shoulder Raise 12 3 60
Incline Diamond Push-Up 20 3 60
Plank 30 seconds (last one ‘til failure) 4 60

Day 3: pull

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Week 1 2 3 4 5 6
One-leg Deadlift 5 3 120
Bent-over Row 8 3 90
Reverse Fly 12 3 60
Biceps Curl 20 3 60
Back Extension 30 seconds (last one ‘til failure) 4 60
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Someone just discovered tables :grin:, like!

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Bodyweight leg-workout

This leg-workout must get you sweating, so limit resting times to that what you think is enough (if the exercise is divided into two legs, I usually rest very little and immediately switch leg)

Get moving and do a warming-up (jump a rope for example)
Depth jumps (10x3)
Pistol squats (2x8 a leg, third time max)
Lunges (3x12 a leg)
One leg-deadlift (3x12 a leg)
Hip thrust (3x20)
Calf raise (2x20 a leg, third time max)
Jump squats (3x8)
Wall sit (max)

After this you should feel something :wink:

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