Enjoy training your cardiovascular system

Cardio training for many people happens to be something they don’t like so much and I cannot deny I did too. Pleasure and running on a treadmill were the complete opposite for me. Alright, even if you don’t like pumping up your heart rate and letting your lungs burn, you could still sacrifice and do it a few times a week for a certain period. However, if you hate doing it, this period won’t last forever: it’s like going on a strict diet to lose weight that in the end you cannot maintain and will regain everything. There must be a solution to this though.

I believe that exercising your heart should actually give you pleasure because otherwise you won’t keep doing it! Everyone has to find out for themselves what they feel good doing and actually really like to get/keep their cardiovascular system healthy. I want to share with you how I do my cardio with fun, and hopefully inspire someone else to find a way to start loving it.

Personally I really enjoy three different types of cardiovascular exercising: football, cycling and running.

Teamsports like football are a really good way to keep your heart healthy in the long term, because it combines exercising with a competitive as well as a social aspect that will motivate you to stick to it and enjoy yourself.

I really like travelling by bike: the further away, the more I enjoy it. I associate cycling with adventure because your bike can take you everywhere on your own energy, which is a beautiful thing. A good idea is to combine cycling with going in vacation (the ultimate pleasure for most of us): every day you can cycle to a new place or city to discover, I really recommend it.

Running didn’t use to be my favorite type of pumping up my heart rate: not only I didn’t like doing it, I also used to have al kinds of aches when I got home. After reading the classic (which some of you might know) “Born to run” of Christopher McDougall, running changed for me. It is the most natural type of exercise a human can do, because we used to to survive during the whole prehistoric period: we were literally born to run! I’d recommend everyone getting into this topic and discovering the related barefoot-movement. Running will be a new experience that you’ll rediscover.

The point I want to make is that it doesn’t matter how you exercise your cardiovascular system, the thing that matters is that you DO it! Find the sport you like doing and enjoy yourself getting fitter.

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